5 Facebook Hacks – Handy Tips for Facebook Users

Over the years I have been very active on Facebook.  I have created around 27 Facebook groups and my biggest group currently has over 17 175 members.  It has been an amazing Facebook journey thus far and here I hope to share some practical tips with you.

Facebook Business Page and Your Fans 

Between 1% and 3 % of your fans will actually see your Facebook business page updates in their news feed. Encourage your likers to select “get notifications” and tick “see first” in your news feed, as seen in the picture below. You can write a thank you message to your new likers and encourage them to select those options. The above applies equally to all the Facebook business pages, you want to receive updates from.


Needed to change the wording of a post? No need to delete your post, just click on the little downward “v” arrow located at the top right end of your post.  Select the edit post option.


A few other handy options are also available to you, at the drop-down menu. You can save a link in the post and these links you can locate at any later time at the Saved Tab, see pictured below. You will locate the “saved” tab on the left of your “Home” page view.


The Search Function in Groups

Needed to find your post or a post about a particular topic? No need to ask in the group, perform your own search in the first instance. Use the handy search bar located at the top right of your Facebook group.


Adding Members to a Group

Want to add one of YOUR Facebook friends to a group? Locate this handy function at the top right of your Facebook group.

Just click on the section next to the “+” button and start typing their name. Once their name comes up, you just hit enter. In closed groups, your Facebook friend then needs to be approved by an Admin of the group, in order for them to be a member. Always make sure your Facebook friend would have wanted to join this group, best would be to get their approval.

Tagging your Facebook Friends in a Closed Group?

If your Facebook friend does not belong to the closed group, they will not see the post you have tagged them in. Go to step 4 above and see how you can add them to the closed group.
If you need further assistance with your social media presence, send me an email at chaleenbotha@gmail.com or LinkedIn message.

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