Inside Moment?

I am definitely not going to get personal here; “Inside moment” is rather a trending social media phrase.  Defined in terms of social media, “inside moment” would be “an inside, personal look into the activities of an organisation or the life of a person”.  Translate this into a photo or words, deliver it timely and it will create interest and engagement for your brand.

Seen below, a rare moment when these top executives from Quantum Credit stepped out of the office and worked in the office garden.


Please allow me to share some further social media inside tips –

  • Likes and Followers

Never ask people to follow you or your company. Add value to your audience and you or your business will be liked and followed.

  • Sharing a Post, Photo or Information

Always give full credit to the creator of the original content; this will also contribute to the value of your share and brand.

  • Liking your Own Posts

How tempting and easy to do in order to increase the visibility and engagement of your post. Your followers will notice that you have liked your own posts, devaluing your engagement and branding efforts.

  • Following a Topic or New Question (new thread) that Came up in a Group

Commenting on the thread with the letter “f” is generally understood that you want to follow the discussion. However, if you are working across cultures, this could be misunderstood. I would recommend the use of the word “following.”

  • Images or Memes Taken from the Internet or Mr. Google

Using your own images or photographs is probably the safest to use on social media. Images on the Internet that you can use with relative safety, are those in public or custom domain. Make sure though about the “how” and “where” you can use these, read the fine print. Paid for images is another good option, again read the fine print.

  • The Big Sell

Your audience will tune out irrelevant, or promotional posts. Useful, engaging content will grab your audience’s attention. Build relationships by not selling, but rather informing and engaging with your audience.

I absolutely love spending my days on social media, creating content and engagement for my clients. This also gives me the opportunity to observe social media trends and behavior. Here I want to share my knowledge with you in order to assist in improving your social media experience and in building your brand. Should you wish to engage me, you are most welcome to contact me at

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