Is it Worth it?

To continue on from my previous post “Why use LinkedIn ?”, I am posing this question “Is it worth it ?”  I have found 10 more reasons to convince you …..

The Power of Communities

Finding groups of like-minded people on a wide variety of topics to connect with

What is Happening

Find events to attend based on your professional, business or even personal interests

Bragging Rights 

LinkedIn allows you to write “posts” that helps to display your knowledge of a particular topic.  Not just showing that you worked somewhere, or went to college, TAFE or university, but to actually prove your understanding of your particular field or business environment


When you connect with others you share the detail of their contact information that you have added to your profile. A virtual Rolodex or business card. If your profile is linked to your smartphone the information is available whenever you may need it

Application for Jobs 

Both on LinkedIn and on many company websites you can also apply with your profile for a job. The information that is stored in your profile, can be shared with the recruiter.  Another important reason to have accurate and completed information on your profile, presented in a professional manner

You are googled! – Your LinkedIn profile can certainly help you. Google analytics works with LinkedIn’s endorsed skills count, to make searching for your name and/or business return your profile. (Another reason not to disregard the importance of authentic endorsing of skills.)

House your Recommendations

 Interviewers admit that they do not always like to call references. Looking at your profile anyone can easily see what others have taken the time to write about you.  Recommendations are social proof of your skills and experience.

Display your Product or Service

LinkedIn is a great place to showcase the advantages of your product or service, and yourself as a professional or business person.  Free to all, and very inexpensive to Premium account members.  You can also make use of the 30 day Free Trial period.

Acquire new Knowledge 

I read several articles, the pulse news feed, visit groups, and view various personal, company profiles – to learn new things. LinkedIn allows you to join 50 groups (including those which you have created); here you will find fascinating articles and discussions. If you have never used Pulse, LinkedIn’s news and article portal, do make an effort to review it once a day.

Glorious Networking! 

Last but not least, it is a networking website where your next opportunity, job, sale, client, joint venture, etc. may be coming from. Among all the alumni, interest groups and potentially future employers your next opportunity is just a “click” away.

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