Success. Is. Boring.

It is also…

It is also satisfying, rewarding, elusive and sometimes very, very hard to achieve. But mostly, success is doing the boring yet incredibly important stuff, repeatedly until it becomes so part of you that you do it without thinking. 

Yes, success can be put down to having the habit of working hard.

Success cannot be labelled INSTANT

In a time where many things are instant, success seems adamant that it will not be instant. A cup of instant coffee has no hold over a cup of perfectly-barista-brewed-and-poured coffee, that you have to wait longer for, yet you do, because you know it is worthwhile at the end.

Success will not be given the label ‘instant’ any time soon.

You will remember that I wrote an article (What a ballerina taught me about succeedingthat Tyla Steinbach, a proud export of Western Australia, now residing in the United States taught me.

Four things I learnt recently

These lessons, as a quick recap were:

–          Broaden your skill set

–          Hard work is not always rewarded instantly

–          Keep on trying

–          Keep on moving the goal posts

As I was reading her resume and her daily schedule, it was the latter that stuck with me.

Tyla knows exactly what every day will bring. It is a matter of getting up, getting ready, getting out of the door, and practising her craft. Once that is done, she goes home, put her feet in a lavender infused ice bath, active relaxing (stretching) for an hour, having dinner, a cuppa and off to bed. Rinse and repeat. She also has to buy 1 to 2 pairs of ballet shoes ($100 per pair) every week. Hard work is never cheap.

At this time in her life, she is working towards receiving an offer of employment as a ballerina at a ballet company. She may or may not be offered that position. But that, in my opinion, is not the success of her life up until now. Her success lies in her ability to get the job done, every single day.

What do you think SUCCESS is?

Many think that success is a feeling, or the destination at the end of a journey, or even both. People are chasing a feeling at the end of something. Then, when they reach the end of the road that they have been travelling on, and the outcome is not what they thought they would be feeling, or the results are not what they expected, they immediately think they have failed.

No, you have not failed. You may have been thrown a curve ball, but that is not failure.


The question is whether you are going to go back and stick to the very good habit of working hard, possibly reinventing yourself in the process and even thinking different, or whether you are going to stop. It is in the stopping that the failure lies.

If you can keep on going on. If you can keep on having hope. If you can keep on doing the boring day to day stuff – that which is so very important to keep everything going, success will eventually come your way. Maybe not in the shape or experience you expected it to, maybe at an unexpected t-junction at your life, and maybe on a day when you’ve felt the least successful, but it will come. On that day you can sit back, fold your arms behind your head, put your feet on the desk and smile.

Then the next day, you start all over. Remember moving the goal posts? Well, that is what you will be doing that day.

How do you achieve success?

So, how do you achieve success?

Make a list of all the boring, difficult, and mundane, and go and do that.

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