Why Use LinkedIn - 10 Reasons to Convince You

I had a good look around to see what are the TOP reasons for using LinkedIn.  I found so many good reasons; I had to make a summary …

  • If you are a job seeker, business owner or professional, there is absolutely no better place to be than LinkedIn. The key intention or mindset of its users is to do business.  It would be the best ROI (return on investment) of your time spent.
  • LinkedIn has more than 400 million users in over 200 countries and territories (over 6 million users in Australia), 187 million monthly unique visitors, with 2 being added every second. LinkedIn has a reported total user goal of 3 billion. 89 % of people perform an online search (google) of your name before they do business with you. Improve your opportunities, by being one of the 11% of members who really know how to use the LinkedIn platform
  • Find people to get back in touch with; find a specific person to communicate with and potentially add them to your virtual network
  • Finding jobs through the LinkedIn jobs database
  • Finding new business through actively seeking new customers and business partners; your mere presence on LinkedIn can indirectly attract potential leads, opportunities and more
  • Finding answers to questions others on LinkedIn ask about a variety of personal and professional topics
  • Finding solutions to business problems through networking and/or communicating with other business owners, job seekers and professionals
  • Finding companies to achieve your business development goals or to create a target list whilst between jobs
  • Finding service providers recommended by your trusted network
  • Finding (LinkedIn) groups of like-minded business owners and professionals on a wide variety of topics, to connect with.

If you require help with creating a resume that highlights your Australian value proposition, or assistance with recruitment or setting up your LinkedIn profile, please feel free to contact me. Don’t hesitate to connect with me on LinkedIn and keep up with my frequent updates on LinkedIn and  Facebook. You can easily reach me via LinkedIn or by finding my contact information here. 

About the Author

Having relocated twice from South Africa to China and then to Australia, and also moving from Queensland to Western Australia, has gained valuable insight into the intricacies of job searching in Australia.

Chaleen, who graduated from the University of South Africa with a background in accountancy, decided to embark on a new journey and discovered a passion for assisting others in their job search. Since 2012 she has played a pivotal role as a job coach, developing LinkedIn profiles and coaching job seekers.

Chaleen was eventually offered a position as a recruiter at a specialised recruitment company and later at an outsourced HR firm. It wasn’t long before she discovered that she had a passion for the recruitment process. Chaleen obtained her recruiter’s license and subsequently established her own recruitment company.

Chaleen enjoys reading, staying fit, and spending time with her family and their two furry pets when she is not working.

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