Frequently Asked Questions:

“It is not what you know, it’s whom you know that matters when looking for a job.”  Sounds familiar?  … read the relevant blog posts after each question to get answers.

Do I really need LinkedIn to land a job?

Chaleen provided me with good insights into the Australian job market and has some useful tips on how to build connections and utilise LinkedIn to connect and build a professional network (being a bit clueless when it comes to networking myself). Chaleen will be a great help for anyone looking for a career opportunity focused in Western Australia.
Lizell Erasmus
Chartered Accountant With Specialist Experience In Finance
Chaleen is a wizard with LinkedIn and patiently coached me on all the tools and techniques to maximise its value to me. No matter how good you think your LinkedIn profile is, Chaleen will be able to optimise your profile to grow your hit rate and automate your job searches.
Graham Christensen
Dynamic Senior Executive

We want to emigrate to Australia, what are the next steps?

Professional is a phrase that comes to mind when I think about Chaleen. I am in awe of her efficiency and business-like proficiency. And of course, her ability to comfortably engage with everyone she meets. Chaleen is truly a great coach and mentor!
Marguerite van der Klashorst
Experienced Secondary Teacher With Solid Planning And Execution Discipline
Value for money, thorough, hands-on and positive are the words that come to mind when I think about the interview coaching session I had with Chaleen. Above all, I was impressed with Chaleen's ability to give me advice related directly to my current circumstances. And, of course, Chaleen's interview coaching went a long way.
Rudo Mugandani
Quality Assurance and Food Processing Specialist

Will we survive in Australia?

I've had the opportunity to get to know Chaleen while she assisted me in updating my LinkedIn profile, coaching sessions, and the monthly networking event. She is extremely knowledgeable and gave me excellent advice and assistance during this time. If you are looking for someone with experience, connections, and passion, Chaleen is the right person to contact.
Karen Chamberlain
Accountant With Extensive Experience And Excellent References
I am very happy to have become acquainted with Chaleen Botha. She was most helpful and professional with setting up my LinkedIn profile, and her social networking opportunities are also most useful.
Tracy Read
Highly skilled and competent Registered Nurse

How can I land a job in Australia?

I would highly recommended Chaleen to anyone looking to enter the job market in Australia. She has profound knowledge of the market as well as the best practices at her disposal to greatly increase your chances at landing that much needed position on Australian shores.
Phillip Theron
Accomplished Financial and Commercial Manager
Chaleen has been instrumental in helping me set up my LinkedIn profile. Going over and above, assisting to deliver on an outcome that is nothing short of excellent. I recommend Chaleen to anyone wanting to improve their online and social media presence with a LinkedIn profile that stands out in professionalism.
Johan de Beer
Executive Manager Strategic Product Owner at Westpac
Chaleen was a great help in professionally seting up my Linked In profile, giving me general advice specific to my needs and listening to my situation. Communication with Chaleen has easy and I would highly recomend using her services.
Sean Platt
Marketing Manager

How do I prepare for a job interview in Australia?

Chaleen is a true professional. Her deep experience and knowledgeable insights into the effective use of LinkedIn and social applications for the promotion of professional individuals and their business's value propositions, values, skills and capabilities is assisting me and my business in establishing a solid foundation in the "online world" for brand awareness and growth. I particularly enjoy the one-on-one online interactions with Chaleen, where she openly and practically shares valuable information, guidelines and tools on how to go about achieving personal and business goals on these platforms.
Mark Kahts
Experienced Foreign Exchange Executive
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