How to Get Recommendations on your LinkedIn Profile

According to Forbes, one of the top 8 things you do wrong on LinkedIn is not having recommendations. Click here to read the article

To make sure we understand what recommendations are all about, let us explore the following questions –

 What are the Recommendations?

Recommendations provide social proof of what you are saying on your LinkedIn profile is, in fact, true. People feel better when conducting business with someone when other people, they know or within their extended network, are happy with that person’s work. Your first-degree LinkedIn connections are the only connections who can give you recommendations.

Who Would You Ask for a Recommendation?

First of all, you have to be a first-degree connection on LinkedIn with the person whom you want to ask to recommend you. It is best to request recommendations from the same people you might write them for. This would typically be someone you know well enough to have a coffee with, have worked or done business with. In general, business connections are preferred over personal connections. You want to make sure that your recommendations are authentic. The most important aspect of asking someone for a recommendation is knowing HOW this aspect of LinkedIn works. It may be helpful to forward the link to this post to them.

When is the Best Time to Ask for a Recommendation?

The best time to request a recommendation is immediately after you have completed an assignment, project or job. Include this on your to-do list for finalisation of a project or task.

How Many Recommendations Should One Have?

I do not believe that one can have too many recommendations, especially when authentic, of good quality and from recommendations who know you well. The only negative here maybe when your profile reflects that you have given 50 recommendations and only received 10. Keep a balance!

Let’s get really practical – below I explain step by step how to get a recommendation to reflect on your LinkedIn profile.

Requesting A Recommendation

Click on the PROFILE link from the top of the navigation bar to bring up the profile of the 1st-degree connection you are looking to get a recommendation from. Click on the “more” button – next a list of options will appear.

Click on the option “Request a recommendation”

“Select your relationship” with this connection.

Then “select your position at the time”

Make sure that you select the appropriate Position from the drop-down box that appears. The person you ask the recommendation from should relate to the Position you select.

– You need to select your (the most appropriate at the time) relationship. Be mindful here to preferably ask recommendations from someone whom you reported to, rather than someone who worked for you.

…You are almost done

The Last, but MOST important part of Asking for a recommendation appears now…

Number 4Write your message

Please tailor this message, customise it to create a personal touch. Be specific about the position and time you worked together. Giving people context as to WHY you are making the request helps motivate them to recommend. Let them know that you are available for technical back up and if in doubt you can always send them the link to this Post to help them! Thank the person for the time and effort on leaving you a recommendation! Remember that there is no obligation, so do not expect anything – remember that you are asking a favour.

An essential note – Have you noticed the link which appears at the bottom of the message? This is the link that needs to be clicked on to reply to the recommendation’s request correctly. Read …..below “What to do when you receive a recommendation request” for further advice.

…..Most important step ….. Do not forget to HIT the SEND button.

Giving A Recommendation

What to do when you receive a recommendation request…

You will receive a message in your LinkedIn message inbox

Pro Tip – Note the hyperlink in blue at the bottom of the message

To ensure the recommendation will appear on the Requestor’s LinkedIn Profile – you need to click on the hyperlink in blue.

Tips for writing a recommendation that stands out from the crowd

  • Confirm the requestor’s specific strengths and skills as you experienced these.
  • Share what the person did and the outcome/effect it had on you and your business.  Be specific by giving an example and adding detail.
  • Be authentic with your praise, avoid repeating yourself and be concise.
  • Lastly, make a connection by telling the reader how long you know the person. 

HIT the SEND button.

Receiving A Recommendation

Every time you get a recommendation, you see a message in your LinkedIn inbox……

Again….you need to click on the hyperlink in blue to take action.

The following screen will appear and here you can click on +Add to profile

Mission accomplished! unless you would like changes.

Should you need assistance in setting up your LinkedIn profile or would like to receive personal coaching in knowing how to use LinkedIn to achieve your LinkedIn objective, you can contact me at or via LinkedIn message.

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