Why using local suppliers give you a competitive advantage

Find out why “Local is Lekker” when it comes to LinkedIn and Resume Services

I work with South Africans every day – some are already living in Australia, and some are on their way. I have discovered that they want to know that they are working with knowledgeable service providers when drafting their resumes and LinkedIn profiles. After all, your LinkedIn Profile and your resume are pivotal in your job hunting endeavours.

It frustrates me when people feel that they are taken advantage of and did not get the service they paid for.

Don’t be disappointed – Do your research (properly)

Having your resume and LinkedIn profile drafted for you, while you are still in South Africa can be quite expensive, then to arrive in Australia and discover that the service provider you used, did not follow the newest developments in that field, can be soul-crushing.

When using people overseas who say that they can help you draft your resume and LinkedIn profile to market yourself better in Australia, or any other country for that matter, you should be aware that local is often best.

Why it helps to get someone with local (Australian) experience

  • Every state has different terminology that they use for certain jobs. The same applies to registration criteria for certain fields. People with local Australian knowledge will know this.
  • If you use a service provider in the country that you plan on immigrating to, they should give you the chance to become part of the network that they have established in that country. This is an invaluable bonus of using a local person, as LinkedIn is one of the best networking tools out there, and it may just allow you to see potential jobs.
  • Local service providers will have an understanding of the local work culture. They have worked with people all across Australia and in most industries as well, and you can draw on their knowledge and experience.
  • If your service provider belongs to a local business chamber, business association or networking groups, he or she can assist you in tapping into those connections or their network. It is always good to say that someone referred you to make a personal connection. Remember, it is often not what you know, but whom you know.
  • The scope of the work that these service providers (professionals) do should be far-reaching. It speaks for itself that if they are successful in what they do, the people they help will often be appointed to positions of authority, which means that they will be able to employ others. Does your service provider of choice have such a network of potential employers? Or do they focus on immigrants only?
  • The personal contact makes all the difference. I have met many of my clients face to face, at some of the most unexpected places. I just find that the sense of ownership and level of responsibility I feel when working with people that I know I could meet at any time of the day motivates me to ensure that they get only the best service possible.
  • Is the relationship that you have with your service provider only a once off, or is it lasting? Lasting business relationships contribute to better opportunities for you over the years to come. Will you be able to continue your business relationship, or are you just another transaction or file number for the service provider?
  • If your service provider is local, they will be able to help you with general questions such as ‘What type of schools are there?’ or ‘Do you know a good accountant?’ or ‘Do you know any trustworthy real estate agents?’ They will be able to share their trusted suppliers with you.
  • Ask for a Tax Invoice that reflects an ABN (Australian Business Number) which all services providers have to supply, upon receiving payment. Check with your accountant as you may be able to claim a deduction for tax purposes when you receive an Australian Tax Invoice.
  • Do you know which privacy laws applicable to this relationship between you and the person you hired to help you? Think about the information that you are sharing with this person. How does your service provider apply privacy laws?
  • When your service provider lives locally, they will know the language and cultural nuances that are relevant to the area you are immigrating to. When you are a plumber, you cannot say that you have worked on plenty of geysers (we talk about hot water systems in Australia) or mention provinces (we refer to states in Australia). That will have prospective employers running away quicker than you can say ‘cheap as chips.’ Local service providers will be able to help you draft your resume and LinkedIn profile with up to date, and relevant local language.
  • Lastly, I know many of you go to Facebook to get recommendations and read reviews. Yes, Facebook is an integral part of research these days, but you cannot really trust everything that you see and hear on Facebook. Remember that the service provider will not be drafting your resume and LinkedIn profile on Facebook. They will be doing it based on LinkedIn principles. Does it not make sense that if they specialise on LinkedIn profiles, their LinkedIn profile should be teeming with references and recommendations from professionals in the field that you are hoping to make a break-in? Check their LinkedIn profile.

I welcome you to connect with me, start networking on LinkedIn and follow my regular updates/tips here on LinkedIn and Facebook. Should you need assistance in setting up your LinkedIn profile or would like to receive personal Linkedin coaching, please contact me via LinkedIn message or find my contact details here. 

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