5 Reasons why school leavers should have a LinkedIn profile

“Mum, can you do a LinkedIn Profile for me asap, I need to apply for a job at Woolies!” the sweetest words this Mum could hear from her 17-year-old. Two good reasons why I loved hearing those words > 1 – You have a higher purpose > Nr 2 – Your teen actually knows what you do. This came totally out of the blue. It seems that teenagers also understand the importance of LinkedIn and landing a job!

  • Sixteen is the minimum age to have a LinkedIn account. There are over 40 million students and college graduates on LinkedIn. Unfortunately, only 17% of those who are aged between 18 and 24 years of age use Linkedin.

Why do I think school leavers should have a LinkedIn profile?

  • Creating a LinkedIn profile already during your senior years at high school will make it easy to remember and record all those awards, courses, and certifications you earned during that time.
  • LinkedIn is a valuable social media network for teenagers to connect with possible employers for work experience and vacation work opportunities. It would also be a good time to connect with your fellow schoolmates. Your schoolmates might prove to be valuable connections in years to come when you are looking for a job or project.
  • The information available on LinkedIn and access to the LinkedIn Learning Hub would be a valuable resource for assignments and “find out how things really work”.
  • With access to a diverse network of connections, represented by various industries and types of jobs, valuable information may be gleaned to assist a school leaver’s choice of future possible occupations.
  • One of the best reasons for me would be a relatively safe and sound environment that LinkedIn has been to me, thus far. I would be delighted for my teens to spend their time here on LinkedIn, than anywhere else online.

We all want to set our children up for success in life

What better way than to assist them in creating a LinkedIn profile which your teen can build on for as long as they need to earn an income. An intangible asset. Time well spent, which will pay dividends in years to come.

…..To get back to that most welcome request to assist with a LinkedIn profile, have a look and send a connection request to Kyla Botha.

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