How the skills recession in Australia may help an international jobseeker

Part 3 of a series of blogs on surviving life in Australia.

In a recent survey by Hayes[1] , almost nine in ten employers are experiencing a skills shortage. Many of these employers know that not only are potential job applicants looking for a competitive salary, but they are also considering what emotional salary is involved in terms of benefits, work-life balance and learning and development opportunities an employer offers. Employers are keen to invest in talent and upskill their employees, while employees actively keep their options open.

What are employers looking for in today’s market of skill shortages?

The top skills employers currently seek are communication and adaptability, critical thinking and agile leadership.

As hybrid working methods (working from home) have changed the employment landscape, so has generative AI altered how things are done.

Your ability to continuously upskill and reskill yourself will assist you in taking advantage of the changes in technology that are impacting most of the employment areas. As increased automation continues to affect the roles, your ability to prioritise continuous learning and commitment to upskilling will set you apart from other applicants. As employers realise that they have to plan for a future where they will need skills, they don’t know they will need, they will look for employees who exhibit the will to learn and shows flexibility and adaptability.

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[1] Hayes Salary Guide FY23/24 p.3

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About the Author

Having relocated twice from South Africa to China and then to Australia, and also moving from Queensland to Western Australia, has gained valuable insight into the intricacies of job searching in Australia.

Chaleen, who graduated from the University of South Africa with a background in accountancy, decided to embark on a new journey and discovered a passion for assisting others in their job search. Since 2012 she has played a pivotal role as a job coach, developing LinkedIn profiles and coaching job seekers.

Chaleen was eventually offered a position as a recruiter at a specialised recruitment company and later at an outsourced HR firm. It wasn’t long before she discovered that she had a passion for the recruitment process. Chaleen obtained her recruiter’s license and subsequently established her own recruitment company.

Chaleen enjoys reading, staying fit, and spending time with her family and their two furry pets when she is not working.

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