Will I Survive in Australia?

Part 1 of a series of blogs on surving life in Australia.

A recurring question on social media platforms, where South African migrants share their lives with others, is one from South Africans still living in South Africa about whether they will be able to ‘survive’ in Australia.

Often, the information given by the original poster is scant and usually, the consensus from the chorus of those replying is, “Just get here and worry about the rest when you arrive.” The praises of everything that works are sung loud and clear. From no load shedding, no potholes, almost no crime, nearly no corruption on the government level and the possibility of bright futures for the original poster’s offspring, people will stop at nothing to persuade the poster to leave South Africa behind and trek overseas to Down Under.

Then, when the person posts again after receiving a job offer of a specified amount, the same chorus of people will say anything from “she’ll be right, mate” to that there is no way they would be able to survive on a salary as meagre as the one he mentioned.

Facts and information change many things, so it is essential to 1. Do your research, and 2. Speak to a person who understands the employment market in Australia.

You cannot rely on social media commentators to make an informed decision that will impact your and your family’s lives in the short and long term. Their situations are not yours, and though they may be well-intentioned, they all answer from only their experiences. When the rubber hits the road, they will stay anonymous behind keyboards and will not be responsible for your decisions made based on their advice (opinions.)

This blog is the first in a series of four where I will take you through the following:

    1. The changing employment landscape in Australia, what you should consider when applying for a job, what you can expect, and how salaries and employment terms are regulated.
    2. What a sponsoring employer’s obligations are and your rights as a sponsored employee. How do things change when you are sponsored or enter on a Permanent Resident Visa?
    3.  What is a living wage, minimum wage and the cost of living?
    4. Why do you want to emigrate to Australia?

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About the Author

Having relocated twice from South Africa to China and then to Australia, and also moving from Queensland to Western Australia, has gained valuable insight into the intricacies of job searching in Australia.

Chaleen, who graduated from the University of South Africa with a background in accountancy, decided to embark on a new journey and discovered a passion for assisting others in their job search. Since 2012 she has played a pivotal role as a job coach, developing LinkedIn profiles and coaching job seekers.

Chaleen was eventually offered a position as a recruiter at a specialised recruitment company and later at an outsourced HR firm. It wasn’t long before she discovered that she had a passion for the recruitment process. Chaleen obtained her recruiter’s license and subsequently established her own recruitment company.

Chaleen enjoys reading, staying fit, and spending time with her family and their two furry pets when she is not working.

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