Job Interview Coaching

Ace your next job interview with coaching

The current job market is tough, and many will tell you that you are lucky to land an interview, let alone the job.

You will need to be prepared, and this is where interview coaching comes in.  You only have one chance to stand out.

Interview coaching will enable you to practice your responses to likely interview questions so that you can confidently provide answers and gain the edge over other applicants.  You will need to come across as the most appropriate candidate, and it can come down to little things like the way you dress or even the pitch of your voice.

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In an interview, the recruiter’s first impression of you is made up of:


based on the quality of your voice


the way you are dressed and enter the room


what you actually say

It's rare that you come across pristine services like that of Chaleen Botha. I discovered Chaleen's professional LinkedIn support services through clients that highly recommend her, I was not disappointed. I was particularly impressed by her vast experience of the Australian job market and her insight into job hunting. Even though her knowledge is already considerable, she is constantly attending seminars and growing her connections to deliver the best services possible. Above all, her astounding work ethic, willing to work in late hours in order to accommodate her clients emphasises that she really has her clients' best interests at heart. I highly recommend Chaleen Botha for anyone that wants to enhance their professional portfolio.
Tiaan Adlem
Mechanical Engineer at WSP in Australia & New Zealand

Various PACKAGES are available to suit your requirements

My intensive interview coaching and templates include:

  • One-hour intensive Zoom call coaching
  • What to do, say and what not to say
  • Tailored question preparation
  • Australian context preparation
  • Templates for mindset preparation
  • Templates for essential follow-up after an interview
  • Link to a unique tool to give you a competitive advantage
  • Tailored images you will need for that professional touch

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